Posted by Bluecafe on January 20th, 2017 in Website News

Unfortunately 1Fichier strictly limited the download speed for free user. Even though 1Fichier site showing 400KB/sec download speed for register user but we found it’s capped to 200KB/sec, also there is wait time between downloads which makes almost impossible to download as free users.

So, we have decided to use Uploadrocket instead of 1Fichier. Uploadrocket requests captcha for each download but download speed 1~3MB/sec and they allows to download more than one download at a time. However they have annoying ads but this is the best alternative we have found. If you have any suggestion about filehost let us know in comment below.

Link Protection and Filehost Updates

Posted by Bluecafe on December 16th, 2016 in Website News

It has been decided that there will be captcha protection for old posts which links will re-uploaded. In case you having issue with captcha, it’s either your antivirus or adblock software is blocking the website or may be you are not typing words correctly. Set exception for myddl. This protection was necessary, otherwise link would go offline fast.

As you know 1Fichier has changed their policy a week ago. According to their new policy free user gets 3 download/week at full speed and then all files download speed capped to 50kb/sec. There is few filehost which gives good download speed but they having lots of annoying ads. 1Fichier 1 year “premium access” cost only 1EURO. I hope majority people can afford 1EURO/Year. And openload service is completely free, so we have also an alternative service for free downloader.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to use comment box or send us e-mail.